“Staring at the South Sister Creek”

Photo by the best Yuxiao Teng

About Me

Grow up in Shanghai, China with my family, studied in Lansdale, Pennsylvania 3 years in high school.

Then I am here at the University of Oregon!

Study in both advertising and public relations in Journalism School.

Different studying environments make me understand the gap between the two cultures.

Realize that misunderstandings also occur among people, even organizations and companies.

Be in Chinese Studeny Scholar Association for one and a half year, end with the President position.

Responsible for connections between Chinese students and the University of Oregon.

Love to spend some time on reading external books and fictions about humanlity, psychology, and social capital.

Willing to study different industries to broaden my view.

In order to be professional, gain trust from clients, then solve the problems.

I’d love to hear from you

E-mail: zhihengl96@gmail.com

Phone/Text: (917)-853-7091